December update for users

Dear user

Greetings! With this email I bring you good wishes and trust you are well and safe in these trying times.

Have you had a chance to view and update your listing?

To do so, head over and login to

Normally, after login you will be able to view and edit your profile from the Dashboard. 
If you are using an iPhone, the blank screen due to a Safari bug is still there. If you still want to edit your profile using your mobile phone instead of using a larger screen like an iPad or Laptop (which is preferable), you can still do this:

1) Tap on your image at the upper Right
2) Tap on View My Directory Entry
3) Tap on Edit My Directory Entry
4) Make changes, scroll to bottom then hit the Submit button when done.
Here’s a quick video to show you how it’s done

We have officially launched the Smart Doctor Card!

Please note that while your listing in is completely free, you can optionally get a Smart Doctor Card now which is a cool way to share your contacts and besides, you will help support the site’s hosting costs, and indeed help support the running of DOBBS. 
Smart Doctor Cards are a one time purchase only, and to get one or more, visit the Smart Doctor Card page

For those who have purchased cards prior to our official launch, thank you for your support! You can still get more cards if you like.
Please note that you can also get an additional Individual vCard Listing which is a lean, elegant vCard format. You would need an additional Smart Doctor Card to get this individual vCard lising but purchase of the card comes with help in setting it up which is manually done by us.

Need more QR Code Stickers?

I have had requests for more QR code stickers. These can be used to stick on existing business cards for instance so your patients can scan the QR code to visit your lising.
The stickers can be purchased for RM 0.50 each, minimum 10 stickers per order and we shall mail you the stickers at no other cost. Please Whatsapp me if you want more QR Code stickers.

Best regards and a Merry Christmas to those celebrating!

Alan Teh
Ketua Physician / Ketua Dobbs