CPD Announcement: Round Table Discussion on Female Fertility

Dear Dobber

This is to let you know of our next CPD activity, which is a joint effort of the OGSM, Firstline Pharmaceuticals Sdn Bhd and DOBBS.
The topic is “Influence of Micronutrients on Female Fertilty
Date: Saturday 22.1.2022
Time: 5 pm

Youtubehttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lyey_PRiFSo (Hit the Set Reminder button so you won’t miss it)
DOBBS Facebook group : Link TBA (we cannot schedule it earlier than 1 week so stay tuned for the link in the DOBBS Facebook group )

CPD point will be awarded for attendance

Here’s the meeting Flyer:

and the Agenda:

Here’s a related Product Announcement from Firstline Pharmaceuticals Sdn Bhd:
Since the launch of PROfortil in 2015, many couples were able to embrace the joy of parenthood. In the hope of supporting more parents-to-be to build a family of their own, Firstline Pharmaceuticals is proud to introduce, Fortelle + Omega-3. 
Similar to its other-half; PROfortil, Fortelle+Omega-3  is a  potential game-changer in the world of fertility, catered especially for women aged 35 and above as well as women who experience difficulties in conceiving.
This hormone-free, synergistic formulation consists of micronutrients such as Coenzyme Q10, Vitamin E, Folic Acid, Selenium, Green Tea extract together with Omega-3 fatty acids; EPA and DHA.
Fortelle+Omega-3 is backed by scientific research in promoting improvement in
– regulation of menstrual cycle
– improved conditions for implantation
– embryonic developments and more.
Keen on finding out more? Do join us during the Round table Talk Discussion on 22.1.22 between PPUKM O&G Specialist Doctors.

See you on 22.1.22!

Best regards


January 2022 Update for DOBBS

Greetings Dobber!

I hope this email finds you well .
It’s been a challenging 2 years and our wish for 2022 is for the pandemic to finally come to an end!

Getting CPD points is challenging when physical meetings are few and far between. We continue to strive to help you on the way to obtaining the minimum compulsory 20 points for the next APC application with three more Live CPD talks.
Please mark your calendar for the following events which are free to view and no prior registration is required:

1) Saturday 8 January 2022 2pm
SJMC Grand Rounds #15 : Varicose Veins and Venous Ulcers

Where to view:
or DOBBS Youtube Channel
or DOBBS Facebook Group

2) Wednesday 12 January 2022 8 pm
Medical Notes, the Duty of Candour and their Impact on Negligence Claims

Where to view
or DOBBS Youtube Channel
or DOBBS Facebook Group
(link will be published only later as we cannot schedule Live videos in Facebook earlier than 1 week)

3) Upcoming Talk on 22.1.22 (details TBA, please stay tuned in DOBBS Facebook group and Telegram for the announcement)

DOBBS has been in existence for over 20 years since we founded it in the year 2000. This pioneering online group of doctors has grown to become Malaysia’s largest online community of doctors and we could not have done so without your participation so thank you!
We do hope you can help us conitnue on this journey, and here’s what you can do
1) Invite your colleagues to join DOBBS. We strictly vet participation to ensure only Bonafide and Qualified Malaysian doctors join DOBBS, whether it is in our private Facebook group or Telegram groups. To join, please ask them to register using https://dobbs.my/osr. Please feel free to forward this email to your colleagues
2) Subscribe to our Youtube Channel https://www.youtube.com/dobbsmalaysia . Just Hit the Subscribe button and click on the Notification bell to stay informed whenever we plan to go Live with our CPD videos. This doesn’t cost you anything and helps our Youtube channel grow.  If you also appreciate any of our videos, please smash the LIke button as the Youtube algorithm will help others take note. 

Lastly, please visit our sponsors who have helped us conitnue to maintain DOBBS :

1) Doctor Shield 
Renew your Medical Indemnity Insurance with Doctorshield at https://quote.thedoctorshield.com
Our friends at Doctor Shield have been instrumental in helping us arrange a series of Medicolegal talks such as the upcoming one on 12.1.22
You can view all the previous Medicolegal talks in our Playlist
2) Plato
Upgrade your Clinic’s Operating System to a modern online EMR with Plato. Book a free demo!

We have more upcoming activities and CPD for 2022 so please stay tuned.

Wishing you all the best for 2022

Dr. Alan Teh
Founder of DOBBS

December update for Physician.my users

Dear Physician.my user

Greetings! With this email I bring you good wishes and trust you are well and safe in these trying times.

Have you had a chance to view and update your listing?

To do so, head over and login to physician.my

Normally, after login you will be able to view and edit your profile from the Dashboard. 
If you are using an iPhone, the blank screen due to a Safari bug is still there. If you still want to edit your profile using your mobile phone instead of using a larger screen like an iPad or Laptop (which is preferable), you can still do this:

1) Tap on your image at the upper Right
2) Tap on View My Directory Entry
3) Tap on Edit My Directory Entry
4) Make changes, scroll to bottom then hit the Submit button when done.
Here’s a quick video to show you how it’s done

We have officially launched the Smart Doctor Card!

Please note that while your listing in Physician.my is completely free, you can optionally get a Smart Doctor Card now which is a cool way to share your contacts and besides, you will help support the site’s hosting costs, and indeed help support the running of DOBBS. 
Smart Doctor Cards are a one time purchase only, and to get one or more, visit the Smart Doctor Card page

For those who have purchased cards prior to our official launch, thank you for your support! You can still get more cards if you like.
Please note that you can also get an additional Individual vCard Listing which is a lean, elegant vCard format. You would need an additional Smart Doctor Card to get this individual vCard lising but purchase of the card comes with help in setting it up which is manually done by us.

Need more QR Code Stickers?

I have had requests for more QR code stickers. These can be used to stick on existing business cards for instance so your patients can scan the QR code to visit your lising.
The stickers can be purchased for RM 0.50 each, minimum 10 stickers per order and we shall mail you the stickers at no other cost. Please Whatsapp me if you want more QR Code stickers.

Best regards and a Merry Christmas to those celebrating!

Alan Teh
Ketua Physician / Ketua Dobbs

DOBBS Update for November 2021

Greetings DOBBER!

I trust everyone is keeping safe! This is our monthly update to keep you informed of what’s new in DOBBS, Malaysia’s pioneer and largest online community for doctors

We have revamped our Telegram groups and we are now using Moderated Join Links (we admit only registered DOBBS members) to make it easier for you to participate or re-join if you have previously left the groups .
Please make sure you have the latest version of the Telegram app installed in your phone otherwise the moderated links may not work.
The links are always available in our Bulletin Board (login and scroll down to the Telegram section)

To make it easier for you, here are the join links to our Telegram groups:
Just tap on any of the links using your phone to request to join any of the groups.
If we cannot identify you as a DOBBS member due to your privacy settings, you may be asked to add @ketuadobbs as a contact first in Telegram.
The main DOBBS Telegram Chat group: http://bit.ly/dobbstelegram
DOBBS Tech Talk – for all things tech : http://bit.ly/dobbstechtalk
DOBBS Journal Club – share interesting updates from the literature: http://bit.ly/dobbsjournalclub
DOBBS CPD Streams – our live CPD streams are posted here: http://bit.ly/dobbscpdstreams
DOBBS Fire – Financial and Retirement chat group: http://bit.ly/dobbsfire
DOBBS Telemedicine – all about Telemedicine: https://bit.ly/dobbstelemed
DOBBS Permanent Jobs – advertise permanent jobs (no locum posts!) for doctors here: http://bit.ly/dobbsjobs

We are still getting questions on how to stay updated for our Live CPD events.
As a reminder, you can always bookmark and visit these pages where the Live streams for the most recent and any upcoming events are embedded:

The best way to stay notified is to Subscribe to the DOBBS Youtube Channel and hit the Notification bell so that you will be informed whenever we post or schedule new content

To view all the previous videos, you can visit our Youtube playlists:
https://bit.ly/dobbslivecpd for all previous Live CPDs
https://bit.ly/sjmcgrandrounds for all previous SJMC Grand Rounds
https://bit.ly/dobbsmedicolegaltalks – for all previous Medicolegal talks (organised by our friends at Doctor Shield)

Here’s a word about Medical Indemnity from Doctor Shield

You need medical indemnity if you are in private practice, or are a Government doctor who does Locum and/or wants coverage for disciplinary proceedings.
If you are a GP or Specialist running a clinic as a Sdn Bhd, please note that you are advised to get separate indemnity for the clinic as your personal indemnity will not cover the Sdn Bhd. 
To get a Doctor Shield Quote visit  https://quote.thedoctorshield.com/ you can apply the DOBBS promo code dobbs2020

Finally, please be reminded you can list your clinic or hospital practice for free at https://physician.my
Listing is free and you are all invited to submit your listing by using this form:
Once approved, we shall create an account for you (you must have at least one email address in the listing for us to do so)

Best regards

Alan Teh
aka Ketua Dobbs

DOBBS Update for October 2021

Greetings Dobber!

I trust you are all keeping well and safe.
This is to update you on what has been happening in DOBBS recently and to keep you in the loop.

I am pleased to inform you that we have upgraded our hosting and our web sites are now very fast and more stable. 
We have activated https://physician.my to take advantage of the new fast server, and this will serve as a directory of doctors with fixed work addresses . Listing is free and you are all invited to submit your listing by using this form:
Once approved, we shall create an account for you (you must have at least one email address in the listing for us to do so)
We have also created a Smart Doctor Card which is programmed with your unique listing. You don’t have to make multiple business cards anymore (which is a problem when you have multiple work places) – go green with the Smart Doctor Card as with a simple tap (using NFC technology) you can transfer your info to the recipient’s phone.
Here’s a video showing you how it works : https://youtu.be/_ZWy0e2sMFY
Interested to get a Smart Doctor Card? Just Whatsapp me https://wa.link/ys5hip  (if you don’t have a listing, attach your business card(s) and we’ll get you going)

2021 is coming to a close, and you have less than 2 months to renew your APC. We’re still having queries and postings in the forum about renewing APC. By now you should know that you need at least 20 points in the CPD cycle 1 July 2020 – 30 June 2021 as well as valid Medical Indeminity. 
If you need some extra points, please check out the CME Board https://dobbs.my/forum/index.php?board=20.0 and also please Subscribe to our Youtube Channel  https://www.youtube.com/c/dobbsmalaysia (don’t forget to hit the Notification bell) so as to stay informed whenever we go Live with online CPD. 
If you are looking for Medical Indemnity, here’s a word from our friends at Doctor Shield

Dear DOBBS Members,


Thanks for your unwavering support to Doctor Shield. We are delighted to continue to offer an exclusive Promotion Code: DOBBS2020 to the members of DOBBS.


This dedicated Promotion Code gives an instant 5% discount. Click on this link to get an instant quote to help you make an informed decision at https://quote.thedoctorshield.com/promo/DOBBS2020


We are happy to share that you can buy your 2022 Doctor Shield policies with immediate effect.

Doctor Shield is the world’s first complete online professional medical indemnity insurance platform provider that allows clients to purchase their insurance within minutes.


Underwritten by Chubb Insurance Malaysian Berhad, a leading professional indemnity insurance provider, Doctor Shield is a customizable solution that provides comprehensive coverage such as:


·       unlimited retroactive date

·       unlimited run-off

·       aggravated damages

·       auto reinstatement

·       cyber protection

·       personal accident

·       pro-mediation 

·       lawyer of your choice

·       loss mitigation


Watch this 90 sec video to learn more about Doctor Shield https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6VV_bOfShjM

That’s it from us for now, and here’s wishing you had a great Doctors Day (10.10.21) and a great month ahead!

Best regards


New Bulletin Board Design

We’ve updated our Bulletin Board with a fresh new look!

Check it out!

Please vote in the Poll in this thread to tell us what you think.

Shutting down the old forum

The migration to the new Bulletin Board now is permanent.
Please note that all access to the old DOBBS forum will be directed to the new Bulletin Board.
The Bulletin Board is accessible only to registered members. You will find a wealth of information there and the whole board is searchable.
Please note that the links to join our main Telegram Supergroup and sub groups are in the Bulletin Board. You can find the newest links (they are refreshed periodically for security reasons) in this post

Best regards

Ketua Dobbs

Join Dobbs on Telegram!

Are you still on Whatsapp? It’s time to change to the better messaging platform, Telegram, which offers better security and many more features than Whatsapp.
Interact, chat and crowd source for information with fellow Dobbers on Telegram. We have a main Dobbs Supergroup (which has room for 200,000), a Techtalk group (if you are interested in all things Tech or need Tech help) and a Flexiroam group for the data roaming doctors.

The invitation links are posted only in the Bulletin Board which is accessible only by registered members who have logged in. Please do not share these links and in any case, the links will change from time to time for security reasons.
Dobbs groups on Telegram are the only Malaysian doctors groups on Telegram where membership is strictly vetted by the Dobbs Registration process so you can be assured the groups comprise only bonafide Malaysian doctors and are free from spammers. 

The invitation links can be found here in the Bulletin Board:

If you have forgotten your password , please enter your email in the Bulletin Board password reminder:
In case you did not receive the reminder email, please check your Spam or Bulk mail folder and always unspam email from ketua@dobbs.my

Best regards and see you on Telegram!

Alan Teh aka Ketua Dobbs
https://t.me/ketuadobbs  or @ketuadobbs on Telegram (feel free to message me there if you need help!)

New Mobile Theme

Dobbs Mobile Theme

Please note that we have changed to a new blue themed mobile design for the Bulletin Board

The login and logout functions are in the menu button on the upper right.

If you wish to switch back to the previous sunrise theme then see the link in the announcements

New theme, new life

Just this week we’ve upgraded the DOBBS website to a more modern, responsive and very fast design. The website should look and work good both on desktop as well as your mobile.

Every page will load in a few seconds including the Registration page.

This is in preparation for more good things to come.

Stay tuned!