DOBBS Update for October 2021

Greetings Dobber!

I trust you are all keeping well and safe.
This is to update you on what has been happening in DOBBS recently and to keep you in the loop.

I am pleased to inform you that we have upgraded our hosting and our web sites are now very fast and more stable. 
We have activated to take advantage of the new fast server, and this will serve as a directory of doctors with fixed work addresses . Listing is free and you are all invited to submit your listing by using this form:
Once approved, we shall create an account for you (you must have at least one email address in the listing for us to do so)
We have also created a Smart Doctor Card which is programmed with your unique listing. You don’t have to make multiple business cards anymore (which is a problem when you have multiple work places) – go green with the Smart Doctor Card as with a simple tap (using NFC technology) you can transfer your info to the recipient’s phone.
Here’s a video showing you how it works :
Interested to get a Smart Doctor Card? Just Whatsapp me  (if you don’t have a listing, attach your business card(s) and we’ll get you going)

2021 is coming to a close, and you have less than 2 months to renew your APC. We’re still having queries and postings in the forum about renewing APC. By now you should know that you need at least 20 points in the CPD cycle 1 July 2020 – 30 June 2021 as well as valid Medical Indeminity. 
If you need some extra points, please check out the CME Board and also please Subscribe to our Youtube Channel (don’t forget to hit the Notification bell) so as to stay informed whenever we go Live with online CPD. 
If you are looking for Medical Indemnity, here’s a word from our friends at Doctor Shield

Dear DOBBS Members,


Thanks for your unwavering support to Doctor Shield. We are delighted to continue to offer an exclusive Promotion Code: DOBBS2020 to the members of DOBBS.


This dedicated Promotion Code gives an instant 5% discount. Click on this link to get an instant quote to help you make an informed decision at


We are happy to share that you can buy your 2022 Doctor Shield policies with immediate effect.

Doctor Shield is the world’s first complete online professional medical indemnity insurance platform provider that allows clients to purchase their insurance within minutes.


Underwritten by Chubb Insurance Malaysian Berhad, a leading professional indemnity insurance provider, Doctor Shield is a customizable solution that provides comprehensive coverage such as:


·       unlimited retroactive date

·       unlimited run-off

·       aggravated damages

·       auto reinstatement

·       cyber protection

·       personal accident

·       pro-mediation 

·       lawyer of your choice

·       loss mitigation


Watch this 90 sec video to learn more about Doctor Shield

That’s it from us for now, and here’s wishing you had a great Doctors Day (10.10.21) and a great month ahead!

Best regards