We present to you the latest Talking AI Avatars powered by ChatGPT. You can type your responses or better still talk to the chatbots.
Tip: For mobile phones, tap on the microphone icon in your keyboard for instant speech-to-text. For Window, type WindowsKey+H to call up the microphone.

Want Personalised ChatBots?

We can create personalised ChatBots for you for a low cost subscription:
personalized greeting
custom logic flow (e.g. for appointments, registration)
trainable : link to URLs or upload documents to teach the ChatBot
– generate leads (e.g. emails, new customers)
– can be embedded into websites or display your website/page in the background. engage visitors so that they stay longer on your site.
powered by ChatGPT but unlike the free ChatGPT the AI Avatars animate and speak.
– can optionally connect to Live Agents
download your chats

To get your own Personal ChatBot, email or WhatsApp us at 0163281959.

English speaking demo ChatBots

Hi! I’m James

Tap on the images to launch the Chatbots

Hi! I’m Amanda

ChatBots Demo berbahasa Melayu

Hai! Saya James

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Hai! Saya Amanda