DOBBS CME Update for November 2023

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Greetings Dobber!

I hope this email finds you well.

We would like to update you on some ongoing CME activities that you might not want to miss.

1) Medico-Legal CME 

Wednesday 8th November, 2023, 8pm
Medicolegal Challenges in an Aging Population
View at:

PS : If you are interested to know more about Doctor Shield, please let our AI Chat bot in the above page know.

2) SJMC Medical CME

Saturday 18th November 2023, 2pm
Simple ECG Interpretation Part 2
View at:
(Registration not required, free to view. Save the date!)

3) Sunway Medical CME

There are 5 upcoming CME events from Sunway Medical Centre in November
You can view details of the above upcoming events at:

Catching up on Past CME events
You can view all the previous live streams in our Playlists:
SJMC Grand Rounds Play List
Medico-legal Play List

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Ketua Dobbs