Dobbs Activity Report November 2018

Here’s the activity report for November 2018 for DOBBS

The Bulletin Board
The Bulletin Board is the new web platform for DOBBS, having migrated over from the old web forum. Just 2 months old, we’ve managed to migrate over 4500 Registered DOBBERS to this new platform.
The Bulletin Board has electronic “boards” which are Private Boards (available only to logged in users) and Public Boards (the Job Boards and Tradezone)
The most popular board is the private General Discussion board

The most popular topic by view is the How to Login

The most popular topic by Replies is the Feedback requested post

I guess this reflects how users are learning the ropes on how to use the new Bulletin Board. Once you have logged in, please do post in the Introduce Yourself post.

Dobbs Facebook

Dobbs Facebook remains the largest of the Dobbs Network with over 16,000 participants of which over 14,000 were active in November

Here are the top Contributors for November 2018

The numbers to the right reflect the shares and comments
The most Popular shares for November

The Top share on the MOH mulling Houseman training to be shortened garnered over 7,000 views

Dobbs Telegram
This alternative private chat platform resides in a Telegram Supergroup and currently has over 1500 participants and over 24,000 messages posted
Here are the top 10 Dobbs Telegram users for November

DOBBS is the pioneering initiative to bring together all Malaysian doctors online.
Participation is free but only to bonafide Malaysian medical doctors. In order to join, please use the One Step Registration form so that we can verify and then add you to our network.